My name is Shuba and I live in the seattle with my husband and two little daughters 3 and 1yr olds. I love my family and adore my kids.

I like hanging out with my friends and family, shopping, eating out and trying all different cuisines...I am really passionate about cooking and experimenting all kinds of foods..and testing it out on my husband :) I cannot cook the same foods at home..I need to try things out..I constantly look for different recipes to make..food blogs are my favorite.

I started cooking as a teen, when I had the opportunity to take over my mom's kitchen, while she was out of town. I started by imitating my mom's recipes and slowly developed interest in cooking..I realized that it was not magic but a lot of passion, interest and love that goes into making food..

My mom is my biggest inspiration..She makes everything look so easy. She doesn't try too hard..She used to try all kinds of different food..
I am going to try my best to add all my family recipes here..you will also find a lot of my recipes from my cooking experiments inspired by food blogs, books, food channels etc..

The most valuable appreciation that I can get is through comments..If you like the recipe or tried it at home, or if you have any suggestions or questions to make things better, please post your comments and I would love to respond! If any of you want to share your recipes with everyone, just send me an email and I will post it as soon as I can.

There could be times when I can get busy with my daughters and not find much time to be active in
this space..but please bear with me..I will be back soon..
When I started this blog I honestly didn't have much expectations from myself..I started this as more of a space to make use of my spare time and vent out my energy. But slowly, I have developed a lot of passion and interest in food photography, presentation, baking and blogging over time and I would love to make this blog a good collection of  my favorite and must have recipes that everyone can enjoy and share!

Please be a part of my cooking adventures and hoping to share many more recipes with you all!!