Saturday, December 17, 2011

Spanish Tortilla

I've been thinking for a while to have a common place to share recipes and ideas with friends..and finally, here I am with my first post..

Weekends are when I experiment with all the knowledge acquired from watching food network :) and test it out on my husband and daughter.
So I watched this episode where they made a dish called Spanish tortilla. As the name suggests, this has nothing to do with traditional tortilla.
Here's the recipe from the site:
Most of the time, I don't have the ingredients that they use..So I mostly try to swap it with something that I think is close enough and many times it turns out to be not so bad.

Suggested substitutes:
For Eggs - Egg beaters/Egg whites
For Chorizo/Salami - Any meat. (Sautéed and cubed Chicken, Shrimp or fish). I dint have any meat.
Cheddar cheese, shredded - Any cheese that you have
Green onions - Bell Peppers - I dint have both, so I skipped :)

I did not have any meat, so I warmed up 2 morning star frozen veggie patties as per instructions and chopped into tiny pieces and added it. You can even add any leftover meat or veggies instead..
Since I have a 16month old daughter at home who can barely eat spices, my version is pretty bland..If I made it just for adults, I would've added some red/green chilly sauce to spice it up a lil bit..
The cooking time was almost 40 mins for me..I don't know if it's because of the eggbeaters instead of real eggs.
But it turned out to be really good..My husband and I loved how the potatoes tasted in the egg was awesome.
Since this is my first post, all that I have is leftover that my husband attempted to take a pic of.. :)