Friday, January 20, 2012

Fish Tikka Masala

I've heard so much about Vahrewah chef recipes and videos..Somehow never tried any of it..I am a little lazy at watching videos..
But while looking for fish tikka masala, I found this recipe for chicken tikka masala from Vahrewah chef.

My substitutes:
Chicken - Fish, any meat (I didn't have chicken)
Methi powder: Kasthuri methi leaves
Cream - 2% Milk

I also added curry powder and a little bit of chicken masala worrying if it would not turn out to be tasty..You can add a little bit of tikka masala if you have too..I dint have any.
Even though he says cream is optional I think it would add a lot of consistency to the gravy. But I used a cup of 2% milk to make more gravy and it worked pretty well. If you want to make it look like restaurant style, I would suggest adding cream.

My husband loved this curry and made me promise to make it another time.. :)